Here are our actually Presets for Lightroom.

If you are not sure which pack would be good for you, here a small summery:

The most actually Pack is the Pack 5, the editing Pack. Why the name is editing pack? Because there are not only our actually presets, there are also mobile Presets, Brushes and a tutorial, how we work with these Presets and Brushes. So if you like our current look its the best choice you can do. We edit all our weddings from 2018 and 2019 with them. They are specially for Nikon and Sony but we saw also many amazing results with canon.

The Preset Pack 4 many Photographers Love and we edited all our weddings from 2017 and a bit 2018 with them. Also here specially for Nikon and Sony.

Our Mobile Travelpics are always edited with the lightroom mobile app and we use just our Mobile Presets or the mobile Presets from our editing Pack

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