kwp – kreativ wedding Lightroom Presets Vol. 3

Beginning 2016 we produced our Vol 1. ‘Pastel Presents’. Our Vol.2  ‘Matt Presents’ followed in Mid 2016. These are now available as a complete bundle package. We are very proud to present our new preset package with warm, natural colours. We have tested Vol 3 on many different systems and we’re so excited we couldn’t wait to show you;  These package has been structured into 3 sections.
2x Cleanlook: For a clean Analog look. | 7x Filmlook: for an Analog look with light colourised character. | 4 x Colour + 1 x Monochrome kreativ wedding look: We currently using these presets for our weddings and shootings.
In total there are 14 Presets + Grain in various intensities. We hope you have a lot of fun with them and any feedback would be more than welcome.

79,00  inkl. MwSt.

kreativ wedding preset Kinsey 

kreativ wedding preset Carmen 

Filmlook Andrea

kreativ wedding preset Merve 

kreativwedding preset Laura 

Filmlook preset Miriam 

kreativ wedding preset Merve sw

kreativ wedding preset Laura 

Filmlook preset Isabel 


Filmlook preset Anne Warm 

Filmlook preset Anja 


Hier gibt es nun ein Beispiel von einer Sony Pic by Vanessa Hauser

Filmlook preset Helen 

Hier Beispiele von Canon Pics by Gione da Silva

kwp kreativ wedding preset Kinsey 

Beispiele mit Fuji Pics by Gione da Silva

kwp kreativ wedding preset Carmen 

kwp kreativ wedding preset Anne warm 


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