79,00 € INKL. MWST.

Beginning 2016 we produced our Vol 1. ‘Pastel Presents’. Our Vol.2 ‘Matt Presents’ followed in Mid 2016. These are now available as a complete bundle package. We are very proud to present our new preset package with warm, natural colours. We have tested Vol 3 on many different systems and we’re so excited we couldn’t wait to show you; These package has been structured into 3 sections.

2x Cleanlook: For a clean Analog look. | 7x Filmlook: for an Analog look with light colourised character. | 4 x Colour + 1 x Monochrome kreativ wedding look: We currently using these presets for our weddings and shootings.

In total there are 14 Presets + Grain in various intensities. We hope you have a lot of fun with them and any feedback would be more than welcome.