kpw06 editing pack

look 2021/2022

coming soon

Yay finally it's here. The new kwp editing pack 06 and we love it. For us, the best package we have ever created. When Covid was top of the line, we found our love for analog photography again. Looked at our kids pictures and fell back in love with the analog look. There is a lot of that in this pack. Whether you like your pictures timelessly clean or you want to edit them in an analog retrostyle, this pack gives you both looks. These presets are timeless, natural, reflect the colors of the day, but give your images that special something.

Included in the purchase price:

7 main preset color creative wedding Lightroom desktop presets

2 sw creative wedding Lightroom desktop presets kwpxsw

2 Vintage preset color

2 more modified presets

1 color enhancer + 1 grain enhancer

For all current desktop Adobe Lightroom Classic (from 8.2) // Adobe Lightroom

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